Educational System in Portugal | PRESENTIAL


7 days course 560€


This course is specially developed for school directors/administrators and coordinators who want to acknowledge different educational systems by getting in contact with the Portuguese educational system. The Portuguese educational system is very diverse as we have private and public schools, artistic schools and different programs and curriculums from which students can choose.

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Porto was voted the best European tourist destination city in 2022 by the World Travel Awards.


The course aims to prepare participants to:

  • Learn about the Portuguese educational system in comparison to other European countries
  • Visit and acknowledge different type of schools and educational programs
  • Get inspired to improve educational programs in your own country

Course Contents

  • Lectures about Portuguese educational system
  • Lectures about different educational programs and schools
  • Visit to schools
  • Group activities

Day 1

  • Welcome/ice-break
  • Program overview
  • Practical Information
  • Individual Presentation

Day 2

  • Lecture about Portuguese education system
  • Groups presentations
  • Cultural visit

Day 3

  • School Visits

Day 4

  • School Visits

Day 5

  • School Visits

Day 6

  • Group Activities/Tasks

Day 7

  • Networking activities
  • Evaluation
  • Certificates

Cultural visits will be also part of the program.

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Target Audience

Teachers from all fields and levels; school directors; pedagogical directors 

The course will only occur with a minimum of 8 participants.

If in your organization you have a group of 8 people interested in taking the course, we can schedule different dates for you all.

Course details


Luísa Caiano

Luísa Caiano was born in Porto in 1979, having her background in piano (degree) and teaching (master’s degree), having also completed a post-graduation in Creative Industries Management.

Since 2009 she is Director and Manager of international projects at Curso de Música Silva Monteiro, a private music school of specialized artistic education. In this institution she has developed several successful applications for international projects to EEA Grants, Erasmus+ and DGArtes programs. She continues to exercise the activity of pianist playing regularly, especially chamber music.

She has always been connected to teaching and provides training in several specific musical areas, but also in the areas of planning and project management.