Terms and Conditions

General Conditions

The Acontec&ventos, Lda, with taxpayer number 510 259 464 , with registered office at Rua Camilo Sousa Santos, 126 – 1ºA 4430-704 Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal, telephone number +(351) 91 171 74 21 (Call to the national fixed network) and e-mail address geral@formarte.pt, is the company that owns the website under the domain www.formarte.pt, intended for the presentation of its brand, communication of its services, portfolio and form of contact.

To register for a course, training, or workshop of Form’Arte, you will have to register through our forms provided by the company.

Form’Arte may establish training contracts with individuals or companies or institutions, which are responsible for the registration process of their employees / responsible, being also responsible for validating the veracity of the information presented. All Terms and Conditions are applicable, by default, as described below, to companies and institutions (Unless otherwise indicated in the service contract).

By registering you are accepting the following conditions:

  1. The registration will only be considered final after the validation of the respective payment, in addition to the completion of the fields that are mandatory during the registration procedure.
  2. Form’Arte may refuse a registration when it considers that the trainee’s qualifications do not fit the recipients of the event and / or the defined prerequisites. Recipients authorized to participate will be notified via email or phone. If the interested party has questions about its framework in the recipients defined in the event, it should contact the geral@formarte.pt prior to registration.
  3. Respecting the registration criteria that are communicated, the selection of the trainees takes place in order of completion of the registration process. Nevertheless, Form’Arte reserves the right to refuse the registration of trainees who, although they fit the standard recipient defined for the same, do not have a qualification appropriate to the quality requirements intended for the course or training.
  4. The occurrence of any Form’Arte event depends on the filling of a minimum number of vacancies, to be stipulated according to the type of course, training and / or certification. If the minimum number is not filled or there is any other valid and substantiated reason that prevents the completion of the training, Form’Arte reserves the right to cancel it at any time, including during the training event. If this cancellation occurs before the start of the training event, Form’Arte proceeds to the full refund of the registration amount, when there has been a payment, without any compensation for damages or additional compensation being claimed. If the cancellation occurs during the training event, due to a sudden and fortuitous event, Form’Arte undertakes to replace the missing hours and to reschedule the planned training, with no refund of the price (in whole or in part), nor any compensation or compensation for any additional expenses.
  5. Registrations are limited to the number of vacancies. If when you register, the number of vacancies is already fully filled, although this action may be allowed, you will then be contacted by Form’Arte, informing you of the impossibility of accepting your application and the procedure to be followed so that there is room for the refund of the amount already paid, if that is the case.
  6. The deadlines and conditions of each course/workshop or educational service depend on each one, being the deadline for the delivery of the service, in this case of the occurrence of the course/workshop or educational service the date established in the respective page. By registering you agree to all the conditions.
  7. The request for cancellation of a registration by the client must be requested through the e-mail geral@formarte.pt or registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, giving the indication of the course, training, or contracted service that he intends to withdraw, the reason and the respective IBAN of account to be credited. The registration fee is returned to the customer under the following conditions:
    • The Withdrawal up to 3 days before the start date of the contracted course / training / workshop will be refunded the registration amount or signal corresponding to the scheduling and filling of vacancy of the same, retaining a fee of 25% of the total value of the service.
    • Withdrawal less than 3 days before the start date of the course, no refund will be made, retaining the full value of the course. (If the customer, individual or collective, has not made the payment the amount to be retained (25% or all depending on the withdrawal period) is obliged to pay the missing amount). These conditions are valid for all Form’Arte events, except for those that have specific conditions, announced on the event page, or in the Regulations of the training in question.
  8. The issuance of the certificate may be refused if the trainee has an attendance lower than the minimum workload for each course, and that by default is 80% of the total workload (unless otherwise indicated in the terms of the course, training and / or certification in particular). For the student to have access to the certificate, it is also necessary to previously complete the course evaluation questionnaire. The issuance of the certificate to companies and institutions may be denied if it is found that the stipulated and legal conditions necessary for the issuance are not met. The issuance of an online certificate has no cost associated with all our trainees, and a value may be applied to the physical issuance of the same.
  9. Form’Arte may collect images, videos, and sounds (including voice) during the event/training. The images or videos will always be collected in the global context of the event / training and only disseminated for future didactic and promotional purposes. By proceeding with your registration, you are consenting to Form’Arte collecting and disseminating image and/or video records in which eventually your image and voice may be integrated into the general context of the event / training, unless you express your refusal to do so. However, at any time, and if you have expressed your refusal to capture image and video, when consulting any publication made by Form’Arte if you detect any image that you do not want to continue published, you can request its immediate deletion by contacting Form’Artenesse accordingly.
  10. The trainees are not allowed to proceed to the photographic, videographic or phonographic record of the events that compromise the protection of the information disclosed in the event. However, when previously requested to Form’Arte, and depending on the authorization of the trainer(s) and the trainee(s) in question, this type of registration may be allowed. The trainee interested in proceeding to the registration of the sessions should contact Form’Arte in advance and directly, requesting their authorization and informing the type of registration they wish to make. In any event, even where authorised, the records collected should be used exclusively for personal purposes and never for commercial purposes. Where the records collected are disclosed, the context in which they were collected shall be properly identified. The trainee / trainer who publicly discloses the records undertakes to proceed with their removal as soon as contacted in this regard by Form’Arte. Exceptions here are the occasional collection of photos of the trainee himself for his own consumption or for sharing on social networks, provided that with the authorization of possible actors in the photographic record.
  11. Form’Arte will only use the personal data provided in the registration form for the specific purposes that were provided and always with the consent of its owners, which is given with the act of its supply. Such data will only be shared with third parties when this is necessary for the purpose of national and international partnerships or for cases exclusively related to certification. You can consult more information on how we treat your data in our privacy policy, available on our website or by request by email or letter.
  12. During the training, the eventual participation of the trainee in technical demonstrations or other therapeutic interventions that prove useful, carried out by the trainer, will always be a voluntary act, and the trainee may refuse to participate, as well as withdraw at any time, without this having any consequences.

Consumer Rights

  1. The cThe consumer has the right to resort, whenever necessary, to Arbitration Centres for the Alternative Resolution of Consumer Disputes (ADR). To this end, Form’Arte discloses the list of entities of Alternative Resolution of Consumer Disputes that have been communicated to the European Commission, pursuant to paragraph 2 of Article 17 of Law No. 144/2015 of September 8, as amended by Decree-Law No. 102/2017 of August 23:
  2. The consumer has the right to free termination, that is, to rescind the contract without incurring any costs beyond those set forth in paragraph 3 of Article 12 and in Article 13 of DL 24/2014, of 14 Feb, where applicable, and without the need to state the reason, within 14 days or, in contracts concluded away from the physical establishment referred to in sub-paragraphs ii) and v) of paragraph i) of Article 3, within 30 days from the day the contract is concluded, in the case of contracts for the provision of services.